Night Dive

Glide around the luminescent microorganisms and see a whole array of new sea life that takes over the same site at night


A wonderful and magical sight; wild and yet spectacular all at once. In the evening many aquatic species come out to hunt and eat. The plants and night fish look like sleeping meteors when they fall into the beams of a diver’s light. Plankton sparkles, tantalising divers to make them glow and glitter by waving their torches at them. It’s a great deal of fun and brings out the young boy or girl in any diver. Wonder at the beautiful shapes and colours that even the smallest of bubbles make as they gracefully rise to the surface silhouetted by the moon. Have a go and see what you think!

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    2,5 hrs
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    10′ min
    Distance from Diving Center
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    OW / CMAS*
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    aver – max